Friday, March 25, 2011

Spotted: Lonely Boy at Joey's BBY

Another week gone by and though we were still kind of feeling the repercussions of Portland,  drinks were definitely in order.
Earlier in the week we had many discussions on where we should take the team, and then I recalled a friend of mine telling me a few months ago about the Academic, another Donnelly Group establishment on West Broadway. It was another one of those “there’s tons of men there” deals, and I was beginning to become very wary of people proclaiming this to me because yet has this statement come to fruition. Anyways, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, based on the name Academic I was going to assume that there would be some wicked smaht people there - that’s my Boston accent in case you were curious – due to the name, and from hearing through the grapevine that there were a lot of university bros there. Now that I’m thinking about the location, there might even be some doctors in the house as well. Hmmm...

Well color me disappointed because we didn’t actually make it to Academic. Guess where we did make it to again though? Joey’s. Yup, back for more sliders and the like, we headed to Joey’s in BBY for a redo. The reason for the location change was due to a workplace group drinking effort... One person tells another person, that person then tells someone else, and next thing you know we’re all taking over the lounge at Joey’s. The group turned out to be mostly men, me and my fellow talent scout LM. Sounds good right? Well it’s not, because pretty much all of the men that I work with are married. Or are getting married. Or have been married way too many times. So clearly these weren’t our best laid plans, but it’s hard to pass up a good group drinking session, and if you’ve read the other posts, we can never say no to Joey’s. We had also declared that we would be back on a Thurs or Friday after work to see what the crowd was like, so here we were fulfilling our part of the bargain.

The group was pretty fun, minus the people who weren’t drinking because they were a) on a diet and b) had to go for a run...couldn’t you have taken care of that earlier in the day?
The only kind of running we’re interested in is if it’s to the fridge to get more wine. Or, with the Devil.
Upon my arrival I had asked Runner what he was drinking and he said cranberry juice, and of course in my kind tone I said “Why, what’s your deal?” And so the running story was brought forth. When LM arrived she introduced herself to Runner and said “Hey I met you a year ago. You’re Joe. Your new name will now be Year Ago Joe”. Surprised that LM could remember his name and not call him HEY YOU, he went from Runner to YAJ. Since LM does not work with us, introductions were made and she had the immense pleasure of meeting and experiencing the best looking man our workplace has to offer. As previously mentioned, of course he is married but that should not stop a person from indulging in dreamily staring at him. It’s almost offensive how good looking this man is, and if I had to describe one thing about him it would be his hair – I have a strange obsession with great hair, hello Robert Pattinson – it’s very Trevor Lindenesqe. Funny how Trevor pops up in so many of these posts, I guess he’s our go to guy for a lot of things in life.
Unrelated but in regards to TL, I just bought a sweet t-shirt off Ebay with a picture of Trevor circa ‘94 that says “What would Trevor Do?” Exactly. What would he do?

Well he would probably be staring at McDreamy as well, it’s THAT good. Aside from all the dudes we were with, the lounge was again packed with the same kind of offerings that we had on our previous visit. We decided to ask our waitress - who was awesome by the way, mad props to Joey’s for hiring such lovely and friendly girls at your BBY location - what kind of crowd this lounge gets on certain days. She was very specific, and told us that you definitely want to come here at noon on a Friday, it’s packed and there are no women. Only men. And according to her some pretty good looking ones as well. She was excited to give us this good news and we were excited to hear it. I’m pretty sure I can pencil in a nooner on an upcoming Friday, and mostly likely not return to work. It will be an epic afternoon I’m sure.

After dropping those words of wisdom, our waitress finished off her shift and we got another excellent waitress in return. Joey’s was really moving up on our list; we had sliders, vodka supernovas, imperative was good. The one downside about this particular Joey’s is the location of the washrooms. They are so far from the lounge, so far that they’re actually almost in the Joey’s in Coquitlam. Poor planning on the designer’s part, but not a big enough issue to keep me away. But girls need washrooms to be close. That’s just kind of an unwritten rule that establishments should be aware of.
Moving on, my co workers slowly evaporated, but not before we got to hear the single best Vegas story we’ve ever heard in our lives. Truly amazing. Thanks JPEI for making us feel like we were there, you have excellent story telling skills. Work people gone, we made room for our late arriving Mancouver crew.

The lounge was bustling at this point, and a lot of the people were the same people that had been there since we arrived. They were in for the long haul just like us. Here’s where we noticed the intriguing guy sitting at a table behind us, we’ll call him Lonely Boy for all the Gossip Girl fans in the house...ok, well maybe just for me. Anyways, there he was all by himself, nursing his beer and reading the Province for what was probably a good two hours at this point. I don’t know anyone that reads the paper from start to finish, perhaps there were some classified ads that he was really interested in, I don’t know. But we were about to find out all about Lonely Boy.

Apparently we weren’t being as quiet as we thought we were while discussing what Lonely Boy’s story was, because our waitress, who obviously has super sonic hearing, stopped at our table to give us the goods. She told us that he can often be found in the lounge, always by himself, usually reading a book, and sometimes has been there for her entire shift.
That’s a huge commitment staying at a lounge for that long, by yourself no less, and wouldn’t you want to go and read your book somewhere with less dance music and more why aren’t you just at home reading your novel?
Curiosity now off the charts, our superstar waitress waited a few minutes so that it didn’t look conspicuous, then casually went over to Lonely Boy to delve more into the mystery surrounding him and his affinity for Joey’s lounge. She came back with the knowledge that not only does he love reading, he is also there working on a novel about a man who is cheating on his wife, all while leading a double life. We don’t know if it’s an autobiography, but we do know that it takes place in Vancouver. At one point our waitress was super stoked and said, “Look, he’s on his iPhone, I bet he’s editing the story right now”.
Amazing. Our waitress - sorry we didn’t catch your name and that I keep referring to you as waitress! - did say he was very nice and that he always tipped well, so if Joey’s is the place Lonely Boy wants to write non fiction, then all the power to him. It’s pretty awesome there.

The night soon came to an end after our discussion of the details of Lonely Boy's novel, which then somehow moved on to telling stories about ghosts and the haunted places of Vancouver. Seems like that’s something we’re going to have to be blogging about in the near future. Mancouver, Halloween edition.
Scared, we left Joey’s in good spirits (pun intended) and made our way home to catch something else that would frighten us tonight – the Charlie Sheen special on TLC. Between his face in HD and the ghost talk, I knew I would not be sleeping well this evening.

To finish up, Joey’s you were spectacular once again; we can’t wait to venture out on a Friday at noon to see what the what is. Thanks to both of our fabulous waitresses, you were a cornucopia of information, to the sliders and yummy Italian flatbread that we put into our mouths, it was just what I needed, and to Lonely Boy – I hope your novel is a success.

Many apologies to the Academic house, we had big plans for a visit, we will make it up to you two fold!

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