Man-Couver of the Week deux

Mancouver of the Week #10

Gerry Delicious.

I’ve been thinking a lot about who to do for the Man-Ccouver of the Week (and I don’t just mean writing about them...wink*) and I have come to the conclusion that I’m really feeling Gerard Butler right now.

I think it might have to do with the fact that a co worker I keep seeing slightly resembles him, which is pretty exciting if you ask me. It’s not often that you have something that good to look at while you’re at work, especially at my place of business, so I will enjoy it while I can. And it also has to do with the fact that he is well, pretty fucking hot.

Let’s talk about the real Gerry shall we? First off he’s Scottish. From Paisley, Scotland to be exact. Now I don’t know what is happening over there, but I REALLY like it. Do they all look like him? I think I need to get over there and investigate ASAP. I’m gonna put it out there, I’m a sucker for accents (not Australian), and there is just something extra special about the Scots isn’t there? To steal a Samantha quote from Sex in the City – “If his mouth can do that with his R’s, I wonder what it can do to me?” Ummmm....yah.

I do wonder.

Second, his body... I’ve seen the lady and man porn that is 300.

 Come. On. 

I’ve also seen the unfortunate movie Gamer where his body his hot AND he’s dirty for most of it.
That’s pretty sexy too.
He looks like a man’s man, rough and tumble, messy unkempt hair, scruffy, has that look about him like he would knock a guys teeth out, then take you home and...whoa. This is getting intense.

Apparently I like talking about Gerry A LOT. I blame the work guy. Cleary the combination of him and Gerry have been making my brain work overtime.

However, Gerry can be all sensitive and shit too. Don’t tell me you haven’t watched PS I Love You and cried your little eyes out more than once.
 You can deny it, but I know it’s true. It’s the ultimate movie to throw in when you want to cry. I would be devastated too if I lost a husband that looked like him. But then again, she also gets the likes of Harry Connick Jr and the other hot Irish guy, so now that I think about it, I don’t feel bad for her at all.

I would say that about wraps up Mr. Butler for myself, and I will pass it over to my sister for some thoughts. I know she has a few about this topic.

The Sister Pipes In:

Ooooooooh my.

Gerard Butler

The man is unbelievably yummy. The dark hair, the grey/green/blue (turquoise if you will) eyes, the panty dropping accent all rolled up in to one FANTASTIC package. And by package I do mean penis. Come on people, we all know Mr. Butler gets around quite a bit. And there is nothing worng with that.

Yes, there have been a few missteps with the (uuggghh) ANISTON's of the world, but whatevs. He's still muther flippin' smokin' HOT.

He doesn't have a Annual Gerard Butler Convention in Las Vegas for nothing you know.
I kid you not. Check it out! (click link above)

So, I was introduced to Gerry waaaaay back in 2003 when I simply had to check out Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. I was heavily into my then female crush Angelina when low and behold, what was this tasty morsel on my screen? Yes. It was Gerry, and I was smitten. He was hot then, all dirty and scruffy and manly, and still he's hot to this very day.

I continued on the Gerry parade through some whatever movies, and then stumbled upon Phantom of the Opera. YES. I like this. What else have you got Mr. Butler?

Oh I see. You have 300.

O. M. Gawd.

Hell's bell's readers. This GB hot in movies shit is getting pretty good.
I don't think there are enough dirty words in my lexicon to describe what was happening to me, and the other humans who have eyes around the world, when this movie came out. Are you fucking kidding me with this? There are like a billion abs on this guy!! WTF? Talk about ribbed for my pleasure.........sorry.
I couldn't help myself. He's a dirty bitch, I'm a dirty bitch.....oh...... You get it.
Oh, and BTW, if you haven't viewed the love scene in 300, do it NOW.

And yes, as mentioned by the sister Gerard can do the lovey-dovey stuff as well. Have you seen PS I Love You? That is the saddest movie probably ever. I mean come on, your husband is Gerard Butler and (sorry, spoiler alert) HE DIES? That is some bullshit if you ask me. He's also pretty suave with the comic relief since The Ugly Truth is pretty funny even with Katherine Heigl, and PS he's hot in that too.
So thank you Scotland for delivering this FABULOUS man for our viewing pleasure. Gerry, you are delicious and fine and I look forward to more hotness form you in the years to come.
Here are few more pieces of eye candy for you on your way out............
Mancouver is Hot for Gerard.