MAN-couver Of The Week

Mancouver of the Week #9

Better than a Hangover...

Here’s the thing. I enjoy themes, so in keeping with the path that we’ve been travelling down together each week to celebrate super fine men, this week we’ll be taking in the hotness of: 

 Bradley Cooper 

to honor the release of the Hangover sequel. I have mixed emotions about this movie, the trailer looks pretty awesome, but sequels are usually fairly touch and go. Sometimes one is just enough. But I’m relying on the Wolfpack to keep it real; they are the 3 best friends that anyone’s ever had after all, so I’m hoping for the best. 

Enough about that though. Let’s talk about BCoops. Where did his hotness exactly begin I often wonder. Way back in the day he was the BFF to Jennifer Garner in the series Alias. He was not that hot. Geeky yes. Hot, no. Then he kind of drifted around into bit parts – the BFF again, this time to Matthew McConnaughy in Failure to Launch (side note...don’t even get me started on McConnaughy. He will be getting his own epic write up. It will be lengthy, and I will enjoy writing every bit of it. I LOVE him and all of his shitty romantic comedies. All of them), the dick BF to Rachel McAdams in The Wedding Crashers (YES!), the cheating husband to Jennifer Connelly in He’s Just Not That into see where I’m going with this.

Then something amazing came along. A little movie called The Hangover happened. And people were asking themselves “Who is this Bradley Cooper guy, and WHY is he so hot?!” Then if you’re like me and you don’t really know who an actor is, you immediately go and check the Internet Movie Data Base and find out what else they’ve been in. Or maybe I’m alone in this, but you’re probably going to start now. It’s a wealth of knowledge!
And that’s where I discovered the rest of his repertoire and I was like oh, THAT guy. It all came together for me. In searching this I was reminded that he once played a douchebag on season one of Sex in the City (it was a very bit part, I think he managed 5 minutes of screen time) and that he was on Nip/Tuck for quite a while as well. I’ve never seen this show, but I’ve heard that it is awesome. I’ll get around to watching it after I’ve watched ALL the other series I’m trying to catch up on.

So The Hangover blew up, probably caused a lot of people to pee their pants in the movie theatre, and secured BCoops hotness factor. He’s made A LOT of crap movies since then (A-Team, All About Steve to name a few), dated one of Hollywoods major bone racks, Rene Zellweger (WHY?) and is now back on the market again. Some gossip columns are convinced that he’s gay, however I did read a recent interview that he gave to promote the Hangover sequel, in which he said that while they were filming in a strip club in Bangkok, they decided to play a game where the strippers would shoot ping pong balls out of their vajays, and then the cast would try and catch them in their mouths....I apologize if you just vomited. Horrifying, and talented all at the same time. And that doesn’t seem like something that someone in a gay way would like to do. Or really something that anyone ever would like to do, but I imagine that these actors have done much worse than have the sweet nectar of a Bangkok stripper in their mouths. Okay I just about made myself throw up this time.

So with all those disturbing images behind us, let’s enjoy some Coops. He’s tall, blonde, blue eyed, great tan, and can catch ping pong balls in his mouth. What’s not to like? 

Man-Couver of the Week #8

I’m Chuck Bass

Much like we discussed last week, the season finale season is upon us, and this will be part 2 of our CW shout out. Because the epic Gossip Girl finale happened this week, Mancouver is happy to indulge in the smarmy hotness that is:

 Chuck Bass

Now I know Chuck Bass isn’t a real person, but you know what? I don’t care. He should be. Thankfully Ed Westwick pulls off the character with amazing panache, he especially excels when it comes to Womanizing, drinking in the daylight hours and scarf wearing.

Now I’ve been a GG fan from the beginning, as soon as Chuck entered into my world I knew that we were destined to be together. I mean first of all he’s pretty douchey, so that right there obviously had me hooked. He also has mad fashion skills; he can rock pretty much anything and make it look so good that you too would be convinced to have sexy times with him in the back of a limo. From a pink polo underneath a white dress shirt, to tiny beach shorts with a straw fedora, to a Chuck-xedo worn with a devil mask – If pressed, I would opt for him to wear the mask in the back of that limo – he always looks pretty damn good.

To be honest I don’t really know what Ed does outside of Gossip Girl, I’m strictly there for the Chuck Bass of it all. However, he is British, so that right there is hot and he can rock out a pair of cuffed jeans with the best of them. For once I’m not totally all about someone’s hair, shocking I know, but I am into the pouty lip and douche face that he wears so well. I also don’t know what will happen to Ed after GG comes to an end, but for now ladies and gents put on your scarves, grab a glass of scotch, and let’s enjoy him while we can!

The sister has nothing to add......Chuck Bass is all things previous mentioned. 
The only thing that would make him better is if he rocked his actual British accent. British Chuck Bass would be like a big glass of Gin on the rocks, the ultimate panty remover.

Mancouver Out

 Men-Couver of the Week #7

Bite Me

So it’s that season finale time of the year, the time of year where you have to let go of the disturbing amount of addictive shows that are out there, to make way for the new ones of the summer – I’m talking to you True Blood. In this time we shall celebrate the hot men of the CW, and since this week is the finale of Vampire Diaries, let’s talk about the eye candy (Actually, I really wanted to say panty pudding) that are the brothers Salvatore:

 Ian Somerhalder  / Damon Salvatore

 Paul Wesley / Stefan Salvatore

These two extremely hot guys play two vampire brothers, again pining over some whiny girl  (Elena)

 (I’m jealous), with the time honored tale of one of them being the tormented bad guy (Damon), and one of them being the brooding good guy (Stefan).

I don’t know a lot about either of these guys except that Ian was on Lost, and Paul was on a soap opera for waaaay too long. I want to say it was Guiding Light. I would check, but I don’t care that much. I do know that Ian is an avid campaigner of all things good – animals, hurricanes, oil spills...if there’s a natural disaster; he will be there to help. Who doesn’t love that? He also really likes to wear fedoras, and I’m definitely okay with that too. Here is a pictorial montage of his hotness:

As for Paul, after reading a recent In Style article about him I know that he likes to be in relationships, he’s always had good hair, and he looks fucking hot in all kinds of jeans. Sigh...I love a good jean.

Let’s get back to the show for a minute though. My one problem with this show is honestly? Why would you even choose? Just have BOTH the brothers.

 They both want you; this problem could be solved very easily.  But then I guess we wouldn’t have a show would we, or at least not one that could be shown on the CW. That’s what we have HBO for. Anyways, let’s move on with it, because we can’t always get what we want, but we can certainly look at lady boner pictures of Ian and Paul.

Side note – if you didn’t want a vampire boyfriend yet, you WILL after watching this show.

The sister pipes in:

All I have to say is this: Ian Somerhalder is MUTHER F'N HOT!
And apparently Mancouver needs to make a trip to the southern United States, because that is where they breed these:

You are very welcome world.
That's all.

Oh, no wait one more thing. You are hot Paul Wesley, but I love my original Vampire Boyfriend the most. Just sayin......

Team Edward!

Until next time people.
Mancouver Out!

 Men-Couver of the Week #6

.....And then God created Hockey.....

Since we are well into playoff season, being both good Canadian Girls, and thoroughly enjoying our Vancouver Canucks, what better men to profile for the Men-Couver of the week than the hot men of Hockey! With a few exceptions, what is it about hockey players? How do the majority of them turn out to be super hot? There must be some sort of hockey god above us making this so, because it’s pretty incredible. Obviously the female celebrity singers of the world know what’s up, because they tend to marry them. A lot.
Yah, yah, they have awesome athletic abilities too, blah, blah, blah, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. I can’t give you sports stats, but I can give you hotness facts. So here we go!

 Roberto Luongo
Looks very similar to a vampire, and maybe that’s hot

 Kevin Bieksa
Looks angry a lot of the time. It’s definitely hot.

Todd Bertuzzi
Also angry. And kind of a dick. Hot.

Trevor Linden
The ultimate Canuck. Glass breaker. Playoff goal scorer extrodinare. Great hair. Looks hot in glasses.....could go on forever.

Matthias Ohlund 
Swedish, and from what I know about Sweden most things from there are well, pretty hot.

 Kirk McLean 
Goalie. Hot. 
Hot in person and super nice to boot. Hot

Taylor Pyatt
Tall, blonde and blue eyes? Yuck.

 Ryan Getzlaf 
Discovered during the Olympics. Changed his name to Hotzlaf. He may not have a lot of hair, but he is very hot in the face

Sidney Crosby
Tim Horton’s coffee and Olympic gold medal winning goals. Hot.

Sean Avery 
The biggest douchebag in hockey? Yes. Therefore I am attracted to him.

 Henrik Lundqvist
WHAT? Just...WHAT?!? I want one.

 Shane O’ Brien
He’s a fighter. I like that. I like it a lot. I wonder if he’s a lover too? 
Someone who’s been to the Roxy at any time when he played here knows that’s for sure.

 Mike Fisher
I didn’t want to do this one, but dammit, he is hot. However, it was brought to my attention that both he and Carrie Underwood were virgins when they got married. 
Infinitely unhot. 
I sure hope they figured out how everything works by now.

Sheldon Souray
Canadian Born, but looks European. HOT (of course born in Alberta....all the hot ones are born there)

Henrik Zetterberg
Another from Sweden, and as previously discussed this is hot. 
And maybe looks like Jared Leto? Sometimes hot.

Max Talbot
French Canadian in plaid shirt. Hot

Jose Theodore
Again, Frenchie & a goalie. Hot
May have done the nasty with Paris Hilton - possible disqualification from hotness.

So that's it ladies, and of course gentlemen, the Hockey Hotties. Until next time. But for now we will leave you with these words of wisdom:


Mancouver Out!

 Man-Couver of the Week #5

Take a sad song, and make it better......

With a royal wedding on the horizon I thought that we should probably profile someone of that nature for this week’s Mancouver of the Week. Then I remembered that I don’t really know anything about Wills or Prince Hot Ginge (BTW, thank you Mr. Michael K over at Dlisted for that fabulous nickname), so let me talk about some British royalty that I do know about – Sir Paul McCartney.

Ahhh Macca. Where to begin? Here is another man that has been in my life for almost its entirety. Much like Bono, Paul was once again introduced to me via my older and wiser sister. She really DOES know everything. We were very much into The Beatles in our youth, I can recall a very specific mixed tape that was created for our bedtime that will always make me think fondly of the song “And I love Her”. I don’t know why that particular song sticks out to me, but it will always remind me of a time when I used to be able to sleep. Sigh. Memories.

So when one is a Beatles fan, it is imperative that you pick a favorite. That’s what Beatles fans do. My obvious choice was going to be Paul, because if you haven’t yet read the Bono post yet, my sister was going to make me love him whether I liked it or not. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I figured out just how much I was going to love Paul. As I child I thoroughly enjoyed the Beatles for their catchy tunes, my favorite songs being “All My Loving” and “Eight Days a Week”. They were fun, dancey songs. You will bob your head much like Paul does when you hear them. I like that.
Then I grew up. And I started listening to the lyrics. And looking at Paul.

Paul has written some of the most epic love songs of all time, I don’t even think it’s possible for someone to love more than this man does. His words are so endearing, so sincere, so gut wrenchingly heartbreaking at times...he really makes you feel it. You will not meet (or shouldn’t anyways) someone who won’t agree that the Beatles wrote some of the greatest songs of all time. And yes a lot of that had to do with John, but Paul was the one that actually got them to sit down and record the shit. Tell me you don’t feel something when you hear “Let it Be” or “Hey Jude”. The movement you need is on your shoulders for god sakes! And not only does he specialize in love songs, on the other side of the spectrum Paul has one of the fiercest growls I’ve ever heard. Case in point “Oh Darling”. Go listen to it and learn. 

You think it ends there? It doesn’t. That’s just Paul’s talent. Paul’s looks are a whole different ball game all together. It’s definitely something that has shaped what I look for in a man today. The hair and the original hipster suit of the Ed Sullivan show days.

The hair and the puppy dog eyes in the live version of “Hey Jude”.

The hair and beard in the rooftop version of “Get Back”.

You see where I’m going with this. He was the cute Beatle after all, and the ladies have been swooning over him for like 50 years now...crazy right? How’s THAT for staying power.

I finally got to see Paul live in concert last summer and it was every bit as fantastic and amazeballs as I thought it was going to be and then some. I for sure cried a little bit, I mean the man was a Beatle for Christ’s sake, and he was still rocking out like he was 17 again. Which side note, is also an awesome movie starring Zac Efron and his own Beatle-like hair. Nothing wrong with any of that. And since we’re on the topic of movies, if you are any sort of fan, you need to watch Across the Universe, because it is spectacular. The way they tell the story with the Beatles music throughout the years is so spot on, and hello, Bono is in it, soooooo...yah. Win/win for everybody.

And for all of the above and more, I love you Sir Paul, thank you for bringing amazing music into my life and being a part of designing the look of my future husband!

I will now pass this along to my sister, who will have no doubt an epic write up and will also take you through the Wings years, as that is her specialty.

The sister Pipes (of Peace…..) in:

Oh Sir Paul, how I love thee.
Right now, I’m sure you must be going, “But I thought you LOVED Bono?”
Oh, I do reader. I just love Bono in a different ‘I just blossomed’ kind of way.
I would actually say that the love is equals,

but My Love for Paul love might just go a bit deeper…….
My memories of Macca go back to forever. I totes remember busting it out to my dad’s Beatle records when I was just a youngin’, but my real memories start with Wings…..
I remember it like it was Yesterday…..

It was beautiful summer day in 1978, and I clearly remember cruising in my dad’s sweet brown Trans-Am, complete with bird on the hood of the car and t-bar sunroof.
There it was on the radio, the song that formed my Paul McCartney & Wings love forever.
It was Silly Love Songs, and it was great!

Side note: don’t you just ADORE songs that define the time of day or time of year? Silly Love Songs will forever remind me of summer days with the warm sun beating down on my face. Or, Every Night (featured on the McCartney album). It always reminds me of that time of day when the sun is just going down, and the moon is coming up……Twilight. You are outside, but you need to grab a sweater because it’s cooling down. Perfection.
I could go on for days about songs and time of day etc. But I won’t.

Anyhoo, this new discovery of a great song and my dad telling me it was Wings, the band Paul McCartney formed after The Beatles (I was 5. Give me a break) lead me to want more. I wanted more Beatles, and more Wings and I wanted it now! My parents tell me I was quite an issue as a child. Still am as far as I can tell…There were a few Beatles records of my dad’s that were kicking around and that filled the need for the next few years, but I am fairly certain the Paul obsession rebooted in 1984 when MJ dropped ‘Thriller’.
Hello!?......The Girls Is Mine? AWESOME!

Then 1986 happened…..I had just seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the first of 13 times….this is what you did as a teen in the 80’s.
The song from said movie: Twist & Shout
OMG. This song was the shit, and I booked it to the mall and made the purchase of this Beatles re-issue on 45 at my local Sam The Record Man.
It was later that day in the record shrine room of my older cousin where the obsession became for realsies. As mentioned before, I was not supposed to be in the record room alone, but I did not care. There were mixed-tapes to be made, and my cousin owned The Beatles Red & Blue albums to go with my newly acquired record single.

My own greatest hits cassette was now complete and all the listening all the time would be going down. This poor cassette was played to the max. It NEVER left my sightline and was in the car at all times I was in it, as well as after school in my walkman, in the boom box all evening and every night at bedtime. It was pretty intense.
I’m fairly certain that cassette broke, but don’t worry. I had more cassettes & that playlist was memorized.
Those Beatle tunes on that tape will always be my faves I think…… was only a decade of music, but man, what a decade. Those tunes stay with you for a lifetime! I think Hey Jude will always be my favourite, but can you really only pick one? No way, cuz then I heard the White Album…….
I certainly didn’t stop at mixed-tapes though. I needed all things Beatles and I got all things Beatles. I had VHS tapes, books about the band, a coveted Beatles watch, posters, calendars, records, (insert more things here) and eventually ALL the CD’s (new format people). Beatlemania was making a comeback at my house and naturally Paul, the cute one, was my fave. Do you see how the sister had no choice in the matter?

Now, let’s fast forward to 1990 when I started to appreciate all things Wings……
Don’t get me wrong. I was fully content with my totally controlled Beatles obsession, but then I heard something that pushed it just a smidge farther. The song: Maybe I’m Amazed
I’m sure it was on a soft rock channel of some sort that was permanently on the radio of my first car when I wasn’t listening to the Beatles mix-tape or all the U2.
I remember thinking, “This is the most beautiful song I have EVER heard”. Have you heard the live version from Tripping the Live Fantastic? Well you should. In fact, do it now. I’ll wait….
As I usually do when I really love something, I quickly immerse myself in everything that has to do with that particular person, place or thing. In this case, it was everything Paul McCartney & Wings. After hearing the song that changed my musical world, I immediately purchased McCartney.

The album was (is) fantastic. Start to finish. So obvi I had to go out and purchase all CD’s associated with McCartney & Wings. I don’t know if you have checked Paul’s musical catalogue lately, but it’s HUGE. And don’t worry. I have everything.
I even have the Fireman CD’s. That’s right. Look it up.

Side note: Might I add that I am strangely attracted to 80’s Paul.

I mean, he has always been handsome, but come on……I would also like to give a shout out to 70's Wings Paul. He sang lyrics such as:
"I'm Gonna Do It To You, Gonna Do It,
Sweet Banana, You've Never Been Done.
Yes, I Go Like A Rabbit, Gonna Grab It,
Gonna Do It 'Til The Night Is Done."
That's from "Hi, Hi, Hi". Ya, I would say so.
Also, he rocked a 70's feather mullet like nobodies business. Foreshadowing for Bono perhaps?.....

But friend’s this brings us to the part of my story is where the REAL magic happened.
It was 1993 and it was the Paul McCartney ‘New World Tour’. And yes, Linda was there.

It was actually crazy how it all went down. My then BF (now hubby) was perusing my latest copy of Rolling Stone when he showed me the 1 page ad…Paul McCartney. On Tour. And check it out, he was going to be in Anaheim. Well shit, would you look at that. - Paul never comes to Vancouver……COME ON PAUL!
So the BF/hubby says to me, “Wanna go”?....Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, yes.
So we purchase 2 tickets stat on Sunday, and by Thursday night we were hitting the I-5 on our way down to California. It was a real whirl wind weekend, but to this day probably the funnest! We arrived in Anaheim via Compton on Friday night, got a hotel, went to Disneyland Saturday morning, hit the concert Saturday night, and back on the road heading home on Sunday morning. Ahhhhhhhhh, to be young and have nothing to do!
But let’s get back to the concert. I don’t know if any of you have had the pleasure of the ear candy that is Paul live, but it is EPIC. I remember when the sun went down, the house lights came up and he came on stage….

I cried.
This was Paul McCartney for shit’s sake. He was a BEATLE!
No words can describe the feelings I had that night. You just have to experience it for yourself. Just ask the sister…….she did just that with me last year.
Since that amazeballs first concert, I have been fortunate enough to see Paul 4 more times, and believe me he NEVER disappoints.
He still rocks those Beatle tunes.
He still sings those silly love songs he wrote for Linda with the same heart & emotion he did way back when - We love you Linda!
He can still belt a tune with the ferocity of that young lad from Liverpool (nice growl Paul)
And, he’s still the cute one.

Say, Say, Say what you want, Paul is the greatest.
Always was, always will be.
So thank you Sir Paul.
You have given me my Wings……

Yup. That's me.....

Men-Couver of the Week #4