Monday, March 21, 2011

Every little thing he does is magic?

Our next stop was again out in the boonies at The Big Ridge Brewing Company in Surrey. Having pieced together the thoughts “men” and “beer”, we figured that one of those two things should be at this place. Having gotten there fairly early the place was a bit sparse, but we decided that the night was young and there was beer to be had. As the afternoon wore into evening we were unpleasantly surprised that most of the people arriving were there on dates...but of course! It’s the weekend before Valentines Day’s. Awesome.
Then we started noticing that the people who weren’t there on dates were a strange breed of solo diners, almost as if they were out on their day pass from the institution... if you’re picking up what I’m throwing down.

So amidst a sea of couples and crazies, there we were. Two single ladies with a target on their backs. A target that clearly said if you are a magician, get up in my grill because we love magic. Here’s the funny thing though. I totally don’t love magic.

And so here’s where Rick comes in. The pubs weekly magician (?). Tricky Ricky turned out to be a nice enough man, but not really the caliber that we were looking for. In between the balloon animals, sexual innuendos, card tricks, Youtube video plugs and pictures of his daughter, we knew it was time to bid this place fucking adieu and take our sorry asses home.

The final breakdown of this place? If you are into pretty amazing nachos, magic and a decently brewed beer, give this place a go.

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