Monday, March 21, 2011

Wine with a side of douche

Our first venture out wasn’t actually a mission to find men, but more of a business meeting to discuss the goals of this new project we’ve taken upon ourselves. A fact finding mission if you will. Destination? Brown’s Social House in Walnut Grove.
While I was enjoying my glass (bottle) of wine I glanced around to see if there was any potential hanging around the lounge. Boy was there not.

While the douche bag epidemic grows world wide, nowhere does it run more rampant in the lower mainland than Langley. Now I already knew this going into Brown’s, this wasn’t my first rodeo after all, but I was trying to keep an open mind. Sometimes there could be a diamond in the rough.

Instead, there was what there usually is – a collection of tribal flash art on a canvas of Ed Hardy, True Religion and mursed bodies. I’m pretty sure Eminem gave up triple x sweatpants in his older age, so should everyone else. The men here were a write off, however the Cowboy salad is fabulous! 

Also a fun side note – the Mimosas and Caesars are $4.50 on the weekend. Throw one or four in your mouth and wash the douche away.

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