Monday, March 21, 2011

Got to get you into my life

Not one to give up easily on an establishment with delightful drinks and fairly good lounges, we decided to give Joey’s another go, just at a different location.
This is where Joey’s on Lougheed comes in. Again, not to be confused with the other Joey’s on Lougheed...why are there so many of these places in such close proximity to each other? That’s a question for another day I suppose.  

This particular Joey’s is in Burnaby, or BBY if you will. We chose it due to the fact that it was 5 minutes away from our collective work places and the fact that not even a week in, we were craving those sliders like they were going out of style. So much so that it was effecting my work day. I needed these things in my life and I needed them stat.

If you don’t know what slider’s are here’s what you need to know... They are three mini burgers with the perfect amount of accessories on them and the softest bun you have ever had in your life, and most likely your mouth. If a burger bun could be a cloud, this one is it. Am I ashamed of my passionate description of the slider? Not. One. Bit. 

Once I came out of my slider haze I took a good hard look around the room. It was mostly dudes and it was quite a mixed bag. Hobbit sized dudes, the ever present douche bags and old men, colleagues and associates, cougars, and potentially good looking bearded guys.  
We were only there for a short stint due to exhaustion (too much brain power used on fantasizing about those sliders perhaps?) and the fact that American Idol was on at 8. Judge if you will, but JLo is super pretty in HD.

We made the executive decision to return on a Thursday or Friday after work and see what kind of man offerings Joey’s has for us on those days.
It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great however, and this might be the sliders talking, but I think it could be a potential gold mine.

Another highlight? The discovery of the spiked lemonade. I imagine that having a handful of these would be like a punch to the face and a party in your pants. I highly recommend them.
Thanks again Joey’s.

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